about almas tooba

In the name of God, the best engineer of universe
“almasTuba, an everpresent company”

Almas Tooba Company hasTwenty years decade of operations in national and civil projects with a turnover of 400,000,000,000 Rials and implementation of more than 40,000 square meters of project in the fields of petrochemicals, refineries, hospitals, mass production with faith in our goals and steel will, has succeeded in the region of Iran -the always fresh civilization with the old history- to be a well-known and immortal name, which is a great achievement.

Almas Tooba Company is certified by the Ministry of Cooperatives with the qualification of contractors and with the certification of the contracting authority from the organization of management and planning of the country with the following certs:

  • 3rd rate of buildings
  • 5th rate of facility and equipment
  • 5th rate of water

The company is established with implementing of the integrated management system (IMS) based on the acquisition of three international ISO14001- ISO9001 ISO18001 certificates, along with ISO / TS29001: contractorin oil & gaz special certificate and HSE certificate from academy GQS German , UK. And with the membership of the Association of Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering and Contracting (APEC), American International Concrete Scientific Association (ACI)and the Institute of Concrete of Iran (ICI), efficient team with firm resolve and A spirit full of ability for implementation of national and civil projects for the sake of the prominence and excellence of Iran.

The water that flows, finds its way to build up. We’re glad to be “flow”
Wish You all to be victorious and proud

Almas Tooba Company started its activity in the field of industrial and construction projects in 2004, And During these years, Almas Tooba has provided the satisfaction of the employers of the projects using specialist engineers, in the least of time and highest quality. Almas Tooba Company has the Ability of Design, Management, Equipment Supply, and Integrated Manufacturing (EPC) of various industrial projects in Iran and other countries. Currently, Almas Tooba Company has been ranked 3rd  in buildings, 5th in facilities and equipment and 5th in water, according to the new ratings  system of management and Scheduling organization and with obtaining international certificates of Integrated Management System (IMS), and with its experienced and specialized human resources, appropriate machinery and software/hardware capabilities, and more than a decade of experience in running construction projects, is prepared for the development of the country.

Almas tooba serves in


Massive housing







Current status

Construction of the building and premises of Documents and Real Estate Registration office of the Ardabil Province

Construction of the student dormitory building at the University of Mohaghegh Ardabili

Construction of building, landscaping and fencing of the Comprehensive University of Applied Sciences

Past experiences

Construction of more than 40,000 m2 of petrochemical, refinery and mass housing projects that have been delivered to employers of projects.

Financial power

11.000.000 Dollar

Board members of Almas Tooba Road and Construction Company

Arezou Chehreh Ara

Vice President

more than15 years of experience in finance and law management of Almastooba company

Farhang Seidi


more than 20 years of experience in following companies :

Tehran Tahkim, Arvin Payeh, Peykarnahad

Alborz Masir and also almastooba construction