Almas Tooba company, in order to increase productivity and entrepreneurship, is engaged in recruiting personnel and contractors, according to the table below.

order Job title Position Work Exprience Project Name Project Place Gender required/person
1 Civil Engineer Site Manager 10 Male 1
2 Civil Engineer technical officer 10 Male 1
3 Assistant Civil Engineer technical officer 15 Male 1
4 Assistant Civil Engineer Executive Officer 15 Male 1
5 Supplier (Diploma to top) 5 Male 1
6 warehouse keeper (Diploma to top) 5 Male 1

Dear engineers and jobseekers can apply to the Almas Tooba Company through the application form at the next stage.

Terms and conditions:

 Job seekers pay attention to the fact that the form is for the purpose of communicating and determining the time of the interview and does not means a definitive recruitment
All persons with the required specifications of the company will have equal opportunity to interview
The interview will be canceled if there is a contradiction in the submitted information