The capital of the company on 04/01/2016 is 20,000,000,000 Rials divided into 2,000,000 shares of 10,000,000 Rials in the name of the place of the current claims of the shareholders by Mr. Farhang Seidi and Ms. Arezoo Chehreh Ara in cash to the capital. The company has been provided. The composition of the shareholders in the balance sheet date is as follows:



Shareholder: Others

Position: Board Member

Number of shares: 20.000

Percentage of shares: 1%


Arezoo Chehreh Ara

Shareholder:  Arezoo Chehreh Ara

Position: Financial Director and Deputy Chairman

Number of shares: 880.000

Percentage of shares: 44%


Farhang Seidi

Shareholder: Farhang Seidi

Position: CEO and Chairman

Number of shares: 1.100.000

Percentage of shares: 55%